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RIBOMIC, Inc. is a leading company in the world developing innovative aptamer therapeutics.

Aptamer Drug Discovery Using the RiboART System

The RiboART system is the core of RIBOMIC’s drug discovery technology. It consists of overall technology, know-how, and experience on aptamer drug discovery and constitutes diversified platforms that are the basis for new drug discovery.
   By applying the RiboART system, it is possible to discover various new drugs that go beyond the diseases and target proteins.

The core technologies in the RiboART system includes the technology of obtaining the aptamer that binds to the target protein (technology on SELEX application) and the technology of optimizing the aptamer thus obtained for clinical testing.
   These core technologies work well in obtaining and creating the aptamer with intended potency.
   The RiboART system can deal with various targets and can provide new drug seeds not only own use but also to other pharmaceutical companies.

<Image of SELEX>
Image of SELEX
<Image of chain shortening>
The aptamers obtained by SELEX are shortened for industrial and economical purposes.
Image of chain shortening
<Image of aptamer modification technology>
Strong and stable aptamers are to be completed by optimization with chemical modifications.
Image of aptamer modification technology