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RIBOMIC, Inc. is a leading company in the world developing innovative aptamer therapeutics.


Can the RiboART system shorten the duration of research and development?

Our experience shows that it would be possible to discover a drug for clinical testing which can start GLP testing in about 3-4 years after the target protein has been obtained. This length of time is shorter than the standard time in the typical drug industries.

What kind of aptamers can be obtained by using the RiboART system?

Development candidates include antagonists (inhibitors) against therapeutic target proteins, agonists on the cell surface, transporters of drug into the inside of the cell (DDS, drug delivery system), ligands applicable to purification or separation of proteins and cells including iPS and its differentiated cells for regenerative medicine.

How many nucleic acids are screened in the RiboART system?

A library of 1024 is theoretically possible, but typically 1015 are subject to search.

Why can an aptamer be a material for medicine?

RNA that constitutes an aptamer forms a huge variety of three-dimensional structures and acquires binding affinity to proteins. Applying this characteristic will function similar to antibodies (molecular targeting) and restrict the mechanism of the disease related proteins.

How do you optimize the aptamers?

Basically, without losing avidity and inhibitory activity, shorten the chain of the aptamer as much as possible, strengthen the activity with chemical modifications and re-application of SELEX to prolong the duration of its effectiveness and its retention in the body. High level technology and know-how are essential to carry out these modifications successfully.

Why haven’t aptamer drugs progressed very far?

In our view one major reason was that the basic patent on SELEX was held by (Archemix in the US) and that could not let pharmaceutical companies research freely. Although Archemix agreed single handedly to develop aptamer into drugs through alliances, many such alliances did not achieve success. RIBOMIC Inc is one of the few exceptions.

What are the differences between a DNA aptamer and an RNA aptamer?
Which is superior?

An aptamer can be made from DNA just as from RNA. DNA and RNA share similar characteristics as nucleic acids, except for the two chemical differences in their structures. But these two chemical differences afford RNA to have more varied three-dimensional structures. This is the reason why RNA aptamer is suited for drug discovery.