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RIBOMIC, Inc. is a leading company in the world developing innovative aptamer therapeutics.


 December 14, 2016 The online version of Biochemistry has added a research paper on analyses of interaction between RNA aptamer and its target molecule, which was achieved through collaborative research between RIBOMIC Inc., Chiba Institute of Technology and some other academic institutions. The article is titled “Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analyses of Interaction between a High-Affinity RNA Aptamer and Its Target Protein.”
 October 21, 2016 Some of our scientists presented a review article titled “Non-clinical studies of nucleic acid drugs” in PHARMSTAGE in October, 2016.
 October 5, 2016 Masatoshi Fujiwara, Board Director, Research & Development Division, will give a talk on our R&D of Aptamer Therapeutics at the CBI Annual Meeting 2016 on October 26, 2016, being held at Tower Hall Funabori, Tokyo.
 May 18, 2016 Yoshikazu Nakamura, President and CEO, is scheduled to deliver a speech on Dual Therapeutic Action of a Neutralizing Anti-FGF2 Aptamer in Bone Diseases and Bone Cancer Pain at the Gordon Research Conference (Fibroblast Growth Factors in Development & Disease), an international conference related to FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) to be held in Hong Kong from June 5 to 10 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His presentation will focus on the effects and features of anti-FGF2 aptamer (RBM007) based on the most recent test results.