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RIBOMIC, Inc. is a leading company in the world developing innovative aptamer therapeutics.

Corporate Philosophy

We aim to contribute to the following three goals by RIBOMIC’s achievements in aptamer therapeutics.

To discover and provide innovative medicines for the Unmet Medical Needs, in which there is no sufficient therapy to cure diseases.

Regardless of the progress in science and technology, there remain many unmet medical needs in cancer, immune disorders and other yet incurable diseases. We aim to discover innovative aptamer medicines for those difficult and incurable diseases and, in collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies, launch them as early as possible to contribute to promote the health of people.

To revive Japanese capability of the drug discovery

We are proud of our world-leading science-and-technology basis of aptamer therapeutics. By improving our cutting-edge technology further and promoting its collaborative applications inside and outside Japan, we would like to contribute to worldwide excellent recognition of Japanese capability of producing first-in-class medicine.

To promote business-academia collaboration and return the achievements of the R&D to society.

The basis of RIBOMIC’s core technology of aptamer therapeutics, named RiboART system, was born and grown in The University of Tokyo Institute of Medical Science, which is the top academic institution in life science and biotechnology in Japan. We are pleased to utilize academia-originated knowledge and seeds for the pharmaceutical development through translation medicine. By achieving this goal, RIBOMIC wishes to be a successful example of academia-originated innovative bioventure for those who follow after.