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RIBOMIC, Inc. is a leading company in the world developing innovative aptamer therapeutics.

Business Contents

The RIBOMIC’s R&D generates first-in-class therapeutic aptamers using the RiboART system, which is a platform technology essentially applicable to any target proteins, and not limited to diseases. Our R&D is composed of two; collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and in-house drug discovery. In both ways, we aim to license out products to our partners or other companies before entering into GLP studies. The balance of collaborative research programs and in-house programs is our basic management policy.

RiboART system

The timing of revenue recognition of in-house drug discovery programs and collaborative research programs are as follows.

The timing of revenue recognition of in-house drug discovery and joint research are as follows.

Our in-house drug discovery program develops therapeutic aptamers from target finding and discovery stage to late preclinical stage with RIBOMIC’s resources and ideas, and then licenses out those products to pharmaceutical companies. This provides us with the contract lump and milestone revenues associated with the development progress, in addition to loyalty after product launch.
    On the other hand, the collaborative research program develops therapeutic aptamers along with partner companies and their initiatives, and license out products before entering the GLP study to the companies. During this collaboration, partner companies provides us with research funding depending on our commitment and task, and upon license agreement we receive the same set of revenues as in the in-house product license.