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RIBOMIC, Inc. is a leading company in the world developing innovative aptamer therapeutics.

Comparing Aptamer and Antibody Therapeutics

The functional mechanism and medication method of an aptamer drug is similar to an antibody drug. Both of them are molecular targeted drugs regardless of the difference in the mode of target capturing. Therefore, the biggest rival, or a successful exampler, for the aptamer pharmaceutical is the antibody drug. The table below shows the features of aptamer drugs in comparison with antibody drugs. Aptamer drugs are being recognized for their strong points. RIBOMIC Inc. expects aptamer drugs to continue development as the core of innovative next-generation drugs which we believe will emerge following today’s antibody drugs.

Comparison Aptamer and Antibody Therapeutics
Items Therapeutic Aptamer Therapeutic Antibody
Binding affinity to target protein up to 1,000 times stronger than antibody drugs strong
Pharmaceutical targets many and highly diversified limited to antigen protein
Production chemical synthesis cell cultivation
(ease of cost reductioin)
relatively expensive
(cost reduction expected)
relatively expensive
(cost reduction difficult)
Antigencity / immunity exclusion unlikely to happen will happen
Reversibility and stability strong weak
(long term effectiveness)
limited superb
Short term effectiveness superb difficult
Processing・chemical modifications easy difficult
History of development and sales short long
Market track recort one item many products